As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping everything running smoothly.  When a small hiccup occurs, you want to know that it can be handled and the business can move forward from there with no problems.  When a workers compensation claim comes in, knowing the process can help keep business flowing as close to usual as possible.  But what is involved in the workers compensation process?  Here is a brief overview:

A worker is injured on the job and reports it to you.  It is your obligation to make sure the employee is given first aid if necessary and submit a first report of injury to your workers compensation insurance carrier as soon as possible.  Once the employee is safe, you will have to file a complete workers comp claim.  Your employee will be assigned a case manager who will contact him with some questions.  Depending on the extent of injuries, the amount of care needed, and whether or not the injured employee is out of work, the case manager will advise the employee of what he needs to do next.  The case manager will also contact you with the same information.

During this time, you can contact your injured employee.  In fact, it is recommended that you do so to let him know you are concerned for his well-being.  Also, your workers comp carrier will most likely investigate the claim to check for negligence or possible changes that need to be made in order to avoid future accidents.

If your employee is out of work, you will want to stay in contact with the case manager to discuss the possibility of a return to work date.  If you have a light duty position available for your employee, let the case manager know.  Once the employee is back to work, it is important to stay in contact with the case manager until the case is closed.

Following the correct workers comp claim procedure can help get everything back to working order as quickly as possible.